Tiny Baby Collaborative

International Research Center

About Us

The Tiny Baby Collaborative Virtual Research Center is comprised of clinicians and researchers dedicated to improving the lives of children born at ≤23 weeks’ gestation and their families. 


The Tiny Baby Collaborative’s goals are to:

  1. Foster collaboration and mutual learning among hospitals with exceptional outcomes for the most premature neonates; and

  2. Identify and conduct research to improve care for the most premature neonates and their families. 


We do this through:

  • Sharing data on outcomes and practices among participating centers; and

  • Compiling evidence- and expert-based guidance related to the care of infants ≤23 weeks’ gestation.

Participating Institutions

Founding Members

  • University of Iowa, United States

  • University of Cologne, Germany

  • University of Uppsala, Sweden

  • Japanese Neonatal Research Network, Japan

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital, United States

Additional Members

  • Emory University, United States

  • University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, United States

  • Duke University, United States

  • Baylor, Scott & White, United States

  • University of Alabama-Birmingham, United States

  • University of Pennsylvania, United States

  • Woman’s Hospital of Texas, United States

  • Kyorin University, Japan

  • Jichi University, Japan

  • Saitama Medical Center, Japan

  • Osaka Women's and Children's Hospital, Japan

  • Nagano Children's Hospital, Japan